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  • expertise in software development for enterprise server-based imaging
  • Based on open standards and work with proven, industry-standard equipment
  • Fully scalable and compatible with your existing infrastructure
  • Reliable and future-proof

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LiveMobile Software Inc. is a consultants group and developer of digital surveillance network systems located in Toronto, Ontario.

Our Video IP products are based on expertise in software development for enterprise server-based imaging.

We are focused on the development of advanced, rich enterprise level solutions for the Web and Wireless Applications. LiveDirect 2XW software platform enables the creation, adaptation, transcoding, management and secure delivery and streaming of video and images to your desktop or mobile device.

LiveMobile provides true network video solutions that are:

  • Based on open standards and work with proven, industry-standard equipment
  • Fully scalable and compatible with your existing infrastructure
  • Reliable and future-proof

The LiveMobile expertise in the creation of complete imaging platforms and user interfaces based on distributed computing, as well as, the development of a secure storage and retrieval infrastructure formed the basis for our LiveDirect hosted monitoring solution.

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LiveDirect Solution FAQ

The simplicity and affordability that LiveMobile has created in LiveDirect 2XW platform (more details.. new window) enables any small business to take advantage of the Internet and new networked device technologies to SECURELY monitor their business and its operations from anywhere at anytime.

As a business owner, you have likely experienced occasions where an alarm call from your security company has disrupted your family or leisure time only to turn out to be a false alarm. With LiveDirect, your eyes see what your security cameras see - you are able to visually verify whether an alarm is real or not, allowing you to make more informed decisions on alarm response. It also acts as a window into your overall business environment by providing on-demand remote access to your security cameras to monitor your operations and events when you can't be there. As a business monitoring service it is a complimentary visual extension to your existing security alarm monitoring service.

Transitioning your existing analog camera investment to LiveDirect is simple and straightforward. Our partners will install a video server that takes the analog video from your CCTV cameras and converts it into a digital signal for delivery over the Internet to your account on our servers at an externally hosted data centre.

No, not at all. In fact, it is quite easy. LiveDirect was designed in an intuitive manner to enable you to get to your video and sensor data in the fastest way possible. Your LiveDirect portal is setup in a tabbed order for Live, Archive, and Setup configuration. System controls are all based on icons and drop down menus for increased ease of use.

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